Algeria – Day 3

Friday 27 January 2017 That's it, it's the day of my meeting with Mohamed. I know it and I feel it. I am always optimistic. Yacine organized my transport to Cheraga. Two of his employees - Imad and Kader - handymen, came to pick me up as he and Fateh went directly to Cheraga near … Continue reading Algeria – Day 3

Algeria – Day 2

Thursday January 26, 2017 The weather was bright when I woke up and opened the curtains. I got ready as soon as possible to enjoy the sunny terrace of the hotel for my breakfast, with a breathtaking view on the Hamma Botanic Garden. I was trying to project myself into this day of visit of … Continue reading Algeria – Day 2

Algeria – Day 1

Wednesday, January 25, 2017. It was a gorgeous and sunny day when I landed at Boumediene airport in Algiers. While putting my first foot on the tarmac, a chilled wintry wind graciously brought me my first breath of Algerian oxygen; and the sun, at its zenith, covered my skin with it’s warm light after more … Continue reading Algeria – Day 1

So far, so good.

So it's decided, I'm going to Algeria with Nassima. Another daring choice, a leap into the unknown. Going alone and spending a few days walking around Algiers was my first intention. But going with her, meeting her family and perhaps meeting Mohammed has a totally different symbolic and a much deeper meaning. Although I was … Continue reading So far, so good.

The call of the land.

I have always thought that happiness is not a destination that we reach once and for all after a long journey leading to a state of permanent ecstasy. For me, happiness is rare. It’s moments. A few hours at most that we remember for the rest of our lives: a memorable family dinner, a wedding, … Continue reading The call of the land.

The two shores.

Years have passed since I met Nassima. I feel happy in my expatriate life that allows me to feed my devouring passion of travel and discovery. My new social environment fulfills me; I meet people from all over the world, we become friends and build strong and unique relationships that still exist today. From business … Continue reading The two shores.

The tattoos (1)

Shortly after meeting Nassima I pursued my destiny and my thirst for adventure: I left everything to live 12,000 km from my beloved France. This great departure for Asia is one of the best decisions of my life, because I am still there and am deeply attached to this continent and to the life that … Continue reading The tattoos (1)