Letter to my baby self.

Little man, I think about you since a long time. I never wrote to you, but I talk to you every day. I know that you are just born, that you are alone and that you don’t know what is going on around you; I hope that the thoughts that I send to you every … Continue reading Letter to my baby self.

Finally, I know.

I was captivated by her eyes. What a strange feeling to recognize oneself in the eyes of another person. I had a feeling of plenitude. We were two strangers but deeply so close. I will remember forever those seconds when we were immersed in each other's eyes. Then spontaneously I asked her: "What happened in … Continue reading Finally, I know.

Forgive me.

Here I am. It's a beautiful day for January in Paris. I look out the window to admire the clear blue sky of this wintry afternoon. I try to distract myself, to think of something else, to daydream. I stupidly try to convince myself that I must relax, but there's nothing more normal than being … Continue reading Forgive me.